2:45-4:45 PM

EventTech will kick-off with optional afternoon workshops where attendees can choose from the following topics. Three-Day All-Access Pass required.

From controlled livestreams to user-generated content feeds to social platform channels and more, amplifying live events to larger audiences across the web and social media networks is no longer optional.

After all, the more eyeballs you can reach, the more hearts and minds you can impact. In this workshop, we’ll discuss trends, best practices and case studies related to event broadcasts and livestreaming. We’ll cover:

  • The Strategy and Creative of Livestreaming. From the initial brainstorm to the execution, how to plan for the perfect broadcast.
  • The Screened Experience. Translating your event’s messaging, content, environment and energy to livestream viewers watching on screened platforms.
  • Designing On-site for Online. Easy tips for making sure you design your physical event environment with the livestream in mind.
  • Tech Stack & Budgeting. A review of technical requirements and ballpark budget planning.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Livestreaming. Case studies and best practices on great ideas… and pitfalls.

There are new consumer segments coming of age, and this is where you’re gonna learn about them. Leave your pre-existing notions of X, Y and Millennials behind as we jump into the nuances of Z and Alpha in this workshop.

To say technology comes naturally to Gen Z and Gen Alpha would be an understatement—they aren’t aware of a world without it. In this workshop, we’ll dive into “the next great generations of consumers” through the lens of event technology and social media. We’ll cover:

  • Topline understanding of each segment, from their overall behaviors and “what ya gotta know” about their buying preferences and engagement tendencies.
  • The main differences between these new segments and Millennials. Only if you understand the differences can you change the way you are (and will be) marketing to younger consumers.
  • Reaching these two segments with high-impact events and experiences, leveraging technology, and the role of social media as a thread that crosses through and connects all engagements.
  • Case studies and best practices for reaching Gen Z and Gen Alpha.


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