2017 Workshops

2:45-4:45 p.m.

EventTech 2017 started with optional afternoon first-day workshops where attendees chose from the following topics.

It’s the fastest growing global sports phenomenon in history that marketers know the least about. And it’s estimated to be a $1 billion industry by 2020. Time to get ready for the next big thing in sports activations, don’t you think?

In this session, we’ll get you up to speed on the unique nuances of the esports universe: what it is, who participates, what brands are involved and what you need to know to engage this massive (and growing) audience of esports fanatics—both online and in the real world. Go behind the scenes of the biggest tournaments. See the content strategies driving the hugely popular esports TV networks. Listen in to case studies on the brands that are activating, and learn how they’re engaging in an entirely new way to get the attention of an audience that’s literally inventing a new way to play and watch sports. Esports is growing faster than NASCAR and might just be the next NFL. Get the strategies and insights you need to play in this exciting space.

The virtual reality and augmented reality playbook is evolving yet again—with some major implications for 2018—and you better be up on it. Gone are the days of solo VR experiences, simple 360 videos and basic augmented engagements.

This rapid-fire 2018-focused workshop will provide you with the best practices, data and information you need to wrap your arms around the VR and AR crazes—so you can begin to more successfully integrate these tools into your 2018 experiences. Get a background on the technologies, a look at where they’re all going and top tips for leveraging them at events and trade shows. Learn what equipment is needed, how to budget for VR and AR and what the development timeline looks like. Hear how to create great VR and AR experiences, the best ways to use them at events and see examples of it all in action. You’ll walk away ready to make virtual a reality inside your own live experiences.

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